August 3, 2023

Sadaf Ali – A Passionate Language Teacher

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Sadaf Ali, a Pakistani, Canadian-based entrepreneur, runs an online academy and teaches French, Arabic, and the Holy Quran. Online learning has become increasingly popular in recent years and people are taking advantage of it. Sadaf is a passionate language teacher who offers people the opportunity to learn from the comfort of their homes and connect with educators from all around the world.

Teaching multiple languages and religious subjects like the Holy Quran can have a significant impact on promoting cultural understanding and language proficiency. By offering such online language courses, students have the chance to enhance their linguistic skills and cultural awareness, while learning the Holy Quran can provide spiritual growth and understanding for children.

Entrepreneurs like Sadaf Ali play a vital role in providing learning and growth opportunities to people across the country. Running an online academy requires dedication, innovation, and effective teaching methods to engage students and facilitate their learning experience effectively. And this is what she has been doing perfectly.

At Mively, we approached her to learn more about her incredible entrepreneurial journey, her beliefs, and the achievements she has made so far in her career. So, let’s meet her!

Please introduce yourself and tell us how you started your professional career.

I grew up in Morocco, Casablanca. I did my studies in both French and Arabic hence I’m fluent in both languages. I have 20+ years of teaching experience. I love working with kids and teaching them. It gives me immense joy and confidence. Being a passionate woman, I always wanted to do something on my own and this motivated me to start my professional career just after completing my studies.

What inspired you to start offering Language courses?

My mother has always been my biggest inspiration. She was a great Urdu teacher. It was she who taught me and three of my siblings how to read and write the Urdu language quite proficiently. My mother is always a role model for me, as she inspired me to offer language courses.

What does growth mean to you?

Growth to me is when my students master reading from scratch and successfully complete the Holy Qura’an as well as learn French and Arabic as valuable languages. I enjoy seeing my students progress and reach their goals.

Could you please tell us how you handle fears and doubts?

Keeping my faith strong in Allah has helped me deal with my fears and doubts. I learn from my mistakes and never give up on anything, no matter what the situation is.

How would you describe a perfect day in the life of a woman entrepreneur?

For me, a perfect day is when I see my students enjoying learning with me. When I see someone recommending me on Social Media platforms to anyone who is looking for learning French, Arabic, and Holy Quran. It also gives me immense pleasure when students share their good grades they secured in French class at school with me. Last but not least is when my parents appreciate me and say kind words to me.

What are you most obsessed with?

My family is my obsession. I love to spend quality time with my family. I love to travel with them and do different activities including shopping, hoteling, traveling, or watching a movie. I’m also obsessed with my physical activities including Yoga, Swimming, and playing Badminton.

What are your top three entrepreneurial skills and how do you utilize them in your career?

Patience, Humour, and Good Time Management Skills. These three entrepreneurial skills are essential for a successful teacher’s career and also to keep a healthy and balanced relationship between my students and me. I practice them every day in my home, office, and when I’m with my friends and enjoy a stress-free lifestyle.

Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

In the next three years, I would like to see myself with thousands of more students not only in Canada but also in other countries.

What advice would you give to aspiring women entrepreneurs?

“Never quit, stay strong, keep going, and have faith in yourself and your Creator. Keep smiling and never feel discouraged!”

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