May 15, 2023

How to Describe Your Business on Directories

How to Describe Your Business on Directories

Nowadays adding business descriptions to your social media profiles is crucial. Whenever you create your business profile on social media platforms, review sites, and online business directories, it’s important to write a description of your business that grabs the readers’ attention. This requires a lot of practice to write a brief, clear, precise, and relevant business description. Make sure not to overwhelm readers with too much information about your business. It is not easy to write everything precisely, but we are here to help you! In this blog, we are going to talk about how to describe your business on directories and review sites.

How to Describe Your Business on Directories

Here’s what makes an effective Business Directory Description. 

There’s no hard-and-fast rule for writing a proper business description. Every directory is different. Some directories have one space to put everything, and some include a space for a description but additional space is also given to add information about other fields including location, amenities, etc. Here are some guidelines to help you in this regard.

1- Inform Your Audience

The business description requires an appropriate statement that informs your potential customers about your brand. Your description should provide all the business information a person needs to be able to reach you. Make sure to write all the details first, and then you can focus on its sequence.

2- Coherence is Key

After writing your business description and listing, make sure to maintain coherence so that potential customers should be able to keep everything in their mind. Business description can be done in a way that makes meaning out of how the elements of the sentences and paragraphs are connected.

3-Find Your Niche-related Directories

Find your niche-related directories where you can list your business and highlight different aspects of your brand for different platforms. It depends on your target audience and then you can work accordingly.

4-Think About Your Audience

Don’t forget to consider your target audience. At this point, it is important to consider how their mindset might change from one platform to another. Your business description can give consumers a sense of legitimacy.

Business Directory Description Must-Haves

Here we are going to share business description must-haves that are included in a proper directory listing website:

Business/Brand Name, NAP (Name, Address, Phone No.), City/Location/Directions, Business Category, Sub Category, Local Search Terms, Hashtags, Value Statement, Hours of Operation, Working Days, social media Page(s) Links, Website Link (if any). Make sure to add everything in an appropriate way so that people can find you online.

The recommended length of your business description should be 250 characters. You can make it short for different listing platforms because directories have different requirements regarding the length of the business description.

There is no need to write a different description for every directory, platform, and site. Ideally, you should be consistent. It’s just important to be aware of any specific needs, preferences, or circumstances for particular platforms or subgroups. Your description can be improved with one small change.

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