February 28, 2023

Local Listings And Citations In SEO

Local Listings And Citations In SEO

Local business listings and citations play a pivotal role in local SEO, reputation, rankings, and revenue. That’s why it is hard to see the bigger picture of SEO. This is the key factor that is often neglected by many. At this point, everyone needs to know about local listings and citations. For a layman, SEO and related terms can be quite confusing. However, in this blog, we are going to enlighten you on local SEO and related terminology. Let’s have a look!

Online Marketing – a necessity for all local businesses

As digitalization has reached its peak, local businesses have become dependent on online marketing. Now it is a necessity for all local businesses. Earlier, local business owners had several options for business promotions, such as; yellow pages, print media, advertising in the dailies, print marketing including brochures & coupons, postal mail marketing, telemarketing, radio/television marketing, etc. All of these are still available in many industries. But many prefer online marketing which is now a necessity for every single business owner. The truth is, if a business doesn’t have an online presence today, it doesn’t exist anywhere.

What Are Local Citations?

Ever heard of it? Please do not fret if you have not! Let us tell you!!

Local citations are online mentions, such as; NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) on any website, listing directory, mobile application, or any digital platform. Citations are like traditional offline media in one digital package because they work as traditional offline advertising. Consider the following:

1- Yellow Pages

It is a traditional way of marketing that is costly but has great worth. However, some people still use smartphones to search. This is where online business directories play a significant role in promoting local businesses. A consumer living anywhere is connected with any business in town instantly through local listings. While some business owners still prefer the yellow pages. However, online business directories are preferably best and work well because of local SEO and citations. They take your business to the top of Google and help you gain more exposure to new clients and customers.

2- Print Marketing

Print marketing includes taglines, descriptions, attributes, driving directions, menus, brochures, reviews, and owner responses on many top business listings that do all of the traditional print marketing. If you add relevant business details to the business directory, a consumer can discover a business instantly, and learn what it is, where it is located, what it does, what special offers it runs, reviews, and customer experience. Hence everything you could fit into a brochure/flyer but in an accessible digital version.

3- Radio/TV Advertising

Local listings support visuals including images & videos, virtual tours, call buttons, and social media page (s) links, and profile (s). Consumers can check a business from the comfort of their smartphone. What’s more? A consumer can both see and hear and can check your social media profile(s) and page(s). A consumer can directly interact with you via your contact details including phone number, website, or e-mail address. This is something that a radio or TV ad can’t provide.

Now, at this point, you can easily differentiate between traditional and online marketing. And even you can’t deny the power of local SEO and citations. Therefore, business listings are a great way to connect with other customers and potential clients. A consumer can experience better in just a blink of an eye if you list your business properly.

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