April 2, 2023

Rubeena Ovais – A Self-driven Entrepreneur

Rubeena Ovais - A Self-driven Entrepreneur

Rubeena Ovais is an entrepreneur and a self-driven professional who started her online business venture kids’ ethnic wear brand “Pyari Bitiya” which started amidst a pandemic. “Pyari Bitiya” is a Canadian online ethnic clothing store that was born out of a need to find comfortable and affordable ethnic clothing for kids to help families enjoy their culture and traditions, in their home away from home.

It is surprising that two million Canadians started businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Source) Rubeena Ovais is one of them who started her venture during a pandemic. With a focus on quality and Canadian fit, ‘Pyari Bitiya’ offers a range of traditional clothing options for kids from newborns to young teens for both boys and girls.

Rubeena Ovais works hard to manage her personal and professional lives in a balanced manner. She strives to do something productive in every aspect of her life, which is what makes her special.

At Mively, we approached her to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey, the challenges she faced, and the achievements she achieved. Let’s get to know her!!

Hi Rubeena!! Please introduce yourself and tell us how you get started in your career.

I am an Indian-origin Canadian who immigrated to Canada a decade ago. I have an educational background in engineering and I’ve mostly worked in the supply chain and logistics industry in India and for a short period in Canada. I am a small business owner of kids’ ethnic wear brand ‘Pyari Bitiya’, mom of 2 girls (10 & 5), and wife to a busy consultant husband who is my support system, Alhamdulillah.

Please tell us more about “Pyari Bitiya”.

‘Pyari Bitiya’ is my Pandemic baby which came into existence out of a need to help parents who were looking to celebrate the Indian festival Diwali in Oct 2020 and due to the Covid lockdown it was hard for them to find anything. Born in Mississauga and now operated out of Oshawa ‘Pyari Bitiya’ carries trendy and affordable outfits from infant to up to 12 yrs of age for both boys and girls. Our outfits are comfortable and itch-free so kids can enjoy the festivities without having to change into T-shirts just after clicking pictures.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Growing up I never thought of pursuing entrepreneurship. I was always interested in a great corporate career but after moving to Canada and having my firstborn during my masters program, the priorities changed. Without having any family support, the idea of leaving my baby behind was scary (like it is for every working mom). For some reason or other things never worked out (blessing in disguise) and fast forward here I am venturing out into the world of entrepreneurship. It’s too early to call myself an entrepreneur but I am trying…

What is the biggest achievement of your entrepreneurial career?

It is yet to come!! But I am enjoying the process and the learning that comes with it.

What are you most obsessed with?

Nothing as such but I enjoy being out in nature and having a hot cup of Tea.

What do success and failure mean to you?

My idea of success is different from society’s idea of success. For me, success is not reaching a certain level and earning a certain amount of money.  Success to me is “To be able to create and add value to the people around me by utilizing the knowledge and resources that Allah SWT has blessed me with”.

A failure is a very good learning opportunity and a stepping stone to the next success.

Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

Shipping ‘Pyari Bitiya’ Outfits across North America, having a retail store/warehouse, and being every parent’s go-to brand for kids’ ethnic wear.

What advice you would like to give to aspiring women entrepreneurs?

Not sure if I am at a stage where I can advise but here’s one, “Always value your offering be it a product or a service. It may take a while to find the right audience, but have faith and keep working on it instead of devaluing yourself”.

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