June 3, 2023

Ayesha Muzammil – Fitness & Self-defense Trainer

Ayesha Muzammil

Ayesha Muzammil is an entrepreneur who runs a fitness studio. Aside from fitness, she specializes in self-defense. She is an expert in fitness and self-defense. She is the first Muslim Ambassador from Canada to promote special needs children in taekwondo.

Ayesha has also been a visiting faculty member for various educational institutions, including LGS, NGS, LACAS, Beaconhouse, Scills Spirit, Alifya Early Years and Fitness Gyms, Shapes, Fitness with Farzeen, Urban Athlete, Corporate Trainer at Metro Cash and Carry, Siemens, Datics Al, Intergrade Benefits. As a fitness expert, she has also worked with the National Bank of Pakistan. Additionally, she has been invited to speak at several forums and received the African National Summit Mentorship Award. Additionally, she is the first Pakistani woman to write a book on self-defense.

At Mively, we approached her to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey, the challenges she faced, and the achievements she achieved. Let’s get to know her!!

Could you please tell us about yourself and how you got started as a fitness/self-defense trainer?

l am Ayeesha Muzammil, CEO of Fitness Studio. I am   Pakistan’s first certified Para-Taekwondo instructor with a black belt from Kokiwon and a certified yoga trainer. I am the first female ambassador from the Muslim world for Taekwondo for special needs children, with certifications from Canada, Vice President of Integral Martial Arts Lahore. My father believed that his children should not be dependent on anyone for their safety.

After the Army Public School incident, I decided to serve society using everything that I had learned. I felt that our staff needed to be trained in self-defense. This was the turning point. I founded my company, Fitness Studio, 14 years after getting married. I  gave many trainings and workshops on harassment and self-defense for girls and working women. I  decided to switch online for those who could not attend classes. Everyone said to me that martial arts could not be taught online, but many attended the classes, particularly during the pandemic. As a self-defense strategist, I’ve been appeared on different national TV programs including Jago Lahore, Voice of America, DW Discover Pakistan, Royal News, TV Today, Channel 5, 7 News. 92 News, Alif TV, Digital TV, YouTube series. Sohni Dharti, Dastak Tv, National News, Social Click, Hum Aur Ap, 101 CEO Incredible Women.WOP, Connected Women Pakistan. Qasim Ali Shah Foundation, Pakistan, Umeed e Shear, Fempreneurhub. Com help to other by Enem, Enablers News papers  Parliament Diaries, Naway e Pakistan (Canada), Shadab Urdu Global, and many others. I won the several awards including Heritage Global Mentorship award by Africa Youth Parliament Award, Womenza Award, She Inspires Award from Bulton,  Document as an Inspiring Women at University of Conquest USA, Inspiring Women Pakistan Story,  Leading Story of (Inspiring Women ) by WOP,  First Female Author of Self-defense Book in Pakistan and there is much more in my achievement sides as a public speaker and master trainer for Self-defense strategy. I  delivered training in the National Bank of Pakistan, Metro Cash, and Carry, Datics Al, Simens,  NIC University Faislabad,  PNY,  Qasim Ali Shah Foundation,   and many reputed educational institutions including LGS,  NGS Lacas beacon house, Scill, and other government institutions.

What inspired you to become a self-defense trainer?

Helpless Women inspired me to become a self-defense trainer. I found injustice in the case of harassment. Women who are victims of violence and harassment are helpless as they can’t share anything with others. They can’t share the pain of being harassed, the awkward feeling of inappropriate gestures, and the uncomfortable environment. In our male-oriented society, people don’t consider them victims. They make them guilty for no reason. And this was the point when I decided to make myself strong and become an inspiration for others.

What makes you unique as a self-defense trainer?

I don’t offer traditional self-defense techniques. I deliver unique ideas, out-of-the-box solutions, and easy-to-do tricks. I believe to make the self-defense training sessions interesting and easy for all.

Have you ever had to use self-defense in a real-life situation?

Yes… many times. My skill helps me to think outside of the box. It helps me to light the pressure and helps me to tackle any unwanted situation.

Aside from being a self-defense trainer, you are also a yoga instructor. What do you enjoy most about your roles?

As a yoga practitioner,  I found myself as a light for depressive people. I’m enjoying my role as a Yoga instructor as I help many people. I’m glad to see that people are changing their lives with the help of my sessions.

What is your philosophy on being fit and healthy?

One should need to be fit and healthy because this is the actual asset. No one can take it away from you. When you have a lot of blessings without health, you won’t enjoy them. So it’s your body and it’s your duty to take care of it.

What’s your philosophy toward learning martial arts?

Your defense is not your family’s responsibility. It’s your duty to make yourself strong and protective . Just learn how to become strong physically and mentally so that you can protect yourself.

As an entrepreneur, what is your greatest achievement?

As an entrepreneur, when you guide someone and you get fruitful results in your career is like a big win. It is the best thing you get in your professional life. I’ve been featured in many National and International Newspapers, TV Channels, & Podcasts. I mentored many people and was honored with the title of Sanf-e-Ahan’, and many other acknowledgments are on the list. Moreover, it’s also the greatest achievement when you save the life of a single person. This is where you think your hard work pays off.

As a self-defense trainer, what is your biggest disappointment?

I feel disappointed whenever I see mediocre people who think that they don’t need to train their daughters. They consider them as puppets who can just sit inside the home to obey their commands and fulfill their responsibilities. Such statements make me feel upset.

What message would you like to share with today’s women and girls?

  • Be Yourself. Your Dignity is Your Pride.
  • Your Safety is Your Concern. So, first, learn to protect yourself and make sure you always present yourself professionally. 

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